UA-9744151-1 In Passing | Robert Ziebell / CinelandiA

In Passing
Video loop / photo tapestry

In Passing v2bour through the curtain (final)

Behind the tapestry curtain depicting a lighthouse, two ships, a historical schooner and a freighter, pass. Below the horizon the intersection of two lives nearing their end is played out behind the curtain which the viewer is only allowed to peek behind. The elderly woman and man pass from right to left and left to right, much like the sweeping beam from a lighthouse, accompanied by the haunting sound of a bell buoy cautioning the passing vessels. We assume we are watching a life in full. Much like the image in the museum that the velvet curtain is protecting, the tapestry is a veil covering a metaphor of loss and time spent that in the end is fleeting and now stolen.

here to watch preview.

shaba looking in v2